MITSUKE Precision Manufacturing, a precision instruments
manufacturer and producer of audio components, is the leading
manufacturer of end pins in Japan.

Produced from a proprietary combination of metals, it enables
a beautiful sound from musical instruments.

Developed by a cellist, the Mitsuke endpin has demonstrated
to significantly improve sound. Many famous cellists and bassists
are using the Mitsuke end pin. Realize a large improvement in
the sound quality from your instrument with the small price of
a Mitsuke end pin.

 –Endpin only –Holder is not included

It raises the quality of the performance to change end pins by music,
a meeting place, the formation of the musical instrument.

žgCore: tungsten Middle layer: titanium Outer layer: brassh

EThree layered endpin; From the center, tungsten-titanium-brass

ESounds very shiny and bright but also has heavy power

EHigh speed response EA lot of sonority

EThis end pin will help convey a powerful sound that can be heard

even in the back of the concert hall.



Please look at this.
The result that tried an end pin is written.
Autumn 2015 News for Cellists
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Cello endpin



It is made with brass and titanium and tungsten and carbon.

EHigh speed response
A gentle sound.
EA lot of sonority

EThis end pin will help a powerful sound that can be heard


Music stand@@@@@@13.824yen
It sees in detail. @@Please see here.

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bass clarinet
The leader is made
with brass and titanium and tungsten.

Brass &@Carbon iwith brass tipj

The rear is made with brass and carbon.
Brass and titanium
Brass & Tungsten(with brass tipj(metal combination )
10mm @35‚ƒ‚@30.240yen

Brass & Tungsten(with Tungsten tipj
10mm 30cm 32.400yen
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Fax 06-6961-4837
e mail
Quartet (Brass & Titanium & Tungsten & Carbon )

Core: titanium
Outer layer: brass

When you came to Japan for a concert tour, Do you want to try an end pin?
The company is in Osaka.
I take an end pin to the hall and can lend it to you.
The Symphony Hall,festival hall,
 Izumi hall, Hyogo Performing Arts Center.
I take an end pin to your hotel and can lend it to you.
You must make arrangements with me by an email before a visit to Japan.
A concert tour at the age of Tokyo.
I can send it to your hotel.

e mail
titanium @‚”‚‰‚

Brass and tungsten(metal combination )

Brass & Carbon(with brass tipj
10mm @35‚ƒ‚ 23.760yen

Core: carbon
Outer layer: brass

Brass & Carbon(with Titanium tipj
10mm @35‚ƒ‚ 23.760yen

Core: carbon
Outer layer: brass


PayAbout payment

Bank transfer

The order is an email


PayAbout payment


Brass & Titanium(with brass tip)
10mm(Diameter) 30cm 19.440yen
10mm(Diameter) 35cm 19.440yen


Brass and@‚sitanium (with titanium tip)j
10mm(Diameter .)@30‚ƒ‚@19.440yen
10mm(Diameter .) 35‚ƒ‚@19.440yen

Brass and titanium(metal combination )


žgbrass with tungsten coreh Core: tungsten Outer layer: brass

 EGives your instrument extra power

EGrain of notes get clearer and more responsive

EMade by putting 99.9% purity tungsten in brass by high pressure

EGood for middle range player or professional

You can hear the sound of the contrabass end pin.
You can hear the sound of six end pins.
I can compete in the asking of the end pin.

Please watch YouTube.

There is a big difference in the live sound.
A difference becomes less than the live sound.
It is a good method to use the headphones.

TRIPLE BRILLANTE /Brass & Titanium & Tungsten(with Tungsten tipj
(metal combination )

TRIPLE BRILLANTE(metal combination )

Brass & Titanium & Tungsten
(with Tungsten tip)

Brass & Carbon(with Titanium tipj
Gary Karr




There are sizes other than 10milli, too.
9.5mm 12mm, and 16mm

This other endpins are here.

It is a Holder for the bass(10mm )
. The end pin is not attached.
The price is 36.720yen

A greatest dimension of the holders is 32mm.
Taper is a 1-17th.
The diameter of 32mm is standard size.

However, I can make a holder with your desired diameter.

It gets an end pin without a gap.
It is like the piano after having tuned it.
The effects of the end pin increase.

š endpin stopper

ETwo kinds of material: Choose aluminum or Brass

EUnslip pad attached on the bottom

EComes with extra unslip washable rubber sheet

Made of brass 5.400yen

Aluminum 4.320yen

The order is an emai

Shipping fee (EMS)Approximate amount of money

Contrabass endpin 10mm,

Approximately 2.400 yen.

North America. Central America. Oceania.
Approximately 2.180 yen

Approximately 1.540 yen

Company Name:

Mitsuke seiki kogyo corporation

Address of the Company: 1-13-7, Shigitahigashi, Joto-ku, Osak

Junichi  Mitsuke

žgbrass with titanium corehCore: titaniumOuter layer: brass

ELower strings get richer EHigher notes get sharper

EPowerful and brighter with rich sonority

EEasier control because of less resistance of strings

EMade by putting titanium in brass by high pressure

EBeloved by any range players beginner to professional