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The result that tried an end pin is written.
Autumn 2015 News for Cellists
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žgCore: tungsten Middle layer: titanium Outer layer: brassh

EThree layered endpin; From the center, tungsten-titanium-brass

ESounds very shiny and bright but also has heavy power

EHigh speed response EA lot of sonority

EThis end pin will help convey a powerful sound that can be heard

even in the back of the concert hall.



bass clarinet

Aluminum 4.400yen

When you came to Japan for a concert tour, Do you want to try an end pin?
The company is in Osaka.
I take an end pin to the hall and can lend it to you.
The Symphony Hall,festival hall,
 Izumi hall, Hyogo Performing Arts Center.
I take an end pin to your hotel and can lend it to you.
You must make arrangements with me by an email before a visit to Japan.
A concert tour at the age of Tokyo.
I can send it to your hotel.

e mail

10mm@30‚ƒ‚ 37.400yen@

It is made with brass and titanium and tungsten and carbon.

EHigh speed response
A gentle sound.
EA lot of sonority

EThis end pin will help a powerful sound that can be heard


Music stand@@ 14.080yen@@
It sees in detail. @@Please see here.

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The leader is made
with brass and titanium and tungsten.

Brass &@Carbon iwith brass tipj

Cello endpin

The rear is made with brass and carbon.
Brass & Tungsten(with brass tipj(metal combination )
10mm @35‚ƒ‚@

Brass & Tungsten(with titaniumu tipj
10mm @35‚ƒ‚

Phone 06-6961-0369
Fax 06-6961-4837
e mail
Quartet (Brass & Titanium & Tungsten & Carbon )

Brass and titanium

Core: titanium
Outer layer: brass

TRIPLE BRILLANTE /Brass & Titanium & Tungsten(with Tungsten tipj
(metal combination )

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MITSUKE Precision Manufacturing, a precision instruments
manufacturer and producer of audio components, is the leading
manufacturer of end pins in Japan.

Produced from a proprietary combination of metals, it enables
a beautiful sound from musical instruments.

Developed by a cellist, the Mitsuke endpin has demonstrated
to significantly improve sound. Many famous cellists and bassists
are using the Mitsuke end pin. Realize a large improvement in
the sound quality from your instrument with the small price of
a Mitsuke end pin.

 –Endpin only –Holder is not included

It raises the quality of the performance to change end pins by music,
a meeting place, the formation of the musical instrument.

titanium @‚”‚‰‚

Brass and tungsten(metal combination )

Brass & Carbon(with brass tipj
10mm@30‚ƒ‚ 25.300yen@
10mm @35‚ƒ‚

Core: carbon
Outer layer: brass

Brass & Carbon(with Titanium tipj
10mm @35‚ƒ‚

Core: carbon
Outer layer: brass


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Bank transfer

The order is an email


PayAbout payment


Brass & Titanium(with brass tip)
10mm(Diameter) 30cm 22.000yen
10mm(Diameter) 35cm

Brass and@‚sitanium (with titanium tip)j
10mm(Diameter .)@30‚ƒ‚@
10mm(Diameter .) 35‚ƒ‚@

Brass and titanium(metal combination )


žgbrass with tungsten coreh Core: tungsten Outer layer: brass

 EGives your instrument extra power

EGrain of notes get clearer and more responsive

EMade by putting 99.9% purity tungsten in brass by high pressure

EGood for middle range player or professional

You can hear the sound of the contrabass end pin.
You can hear the sound of six end pins.
I can compete in the asking of the end pin.

Please watch YouTube.

There is a big difference in the live sound.
A difference becomes less than the live sound.
It is a good method to use the headphones.

TRIPLE BRILLANTE(metal combination )

Brass & Titanium & Tungsten
(with Tungsten tip)

Brass & Carbon(with Titanium tipj
Gary Karr




There are sizes other than 10milli, too.
9.5mm 12mm, and 16mm

This other endpins are here.

It is a Holder for the bass(10mm )
. The end pin is not attached.
The price is

A greatest dimension of the holders is 32mm.
Taper is a 1-17th.
The diameter of 32mm is standard size.

However, I can make a holder with your desired diameter.

It gets an end pin without a gap.
It is like the piano after having tuned it.
The effects of the end pin increase.

10mm 37.400yen

š endpin stopper

ETwo kinds of material: Choose aluminum or Brass

EUnslip pad attached on the bottom

EComes with extra unslip washable rubber sheet

Made of brass 5.500yen

The order is an emai

Company Name:

Mitsuke seiki kogyo corporation

Address of the Company: 1-13-7, Shigitahigashi, Joto-ku, Osak

Junichi  Mitsuke

žgbrass with titanium corehCore: titaniumOuter layer: brass

ELower strings get richer EHigher notes get sharper

EPowerful and brighter with rich sonority

EEasier control because of less resistance of strings

EMade by putting titanium in brass by high pressure

EBeloved by any range players beginner to professional