MITSUKE Precision Manufacturing, a precision instruments
manufacturer and producer of audio components, is the leading
manufacturer of end pins in Japan.

Produced from a proprietary combination of metals, it enables
a beautiful sound from musical instruments.

Developed by a cellist, the Mitsuke endpin has demonstrated
to significantly improve sound. Many famous cellists and bassists
and bass clarinet player are using the Mitsuke end pin. Realize
a large improvement in
the sound quality from your instrument with the small price of
a Mitsuke end pin.

It raises the quality of the performance to change end pins by music,
a meeting place, the formation of the musical instrument.

Music stand@@@14.080yen@@

It sees in detail. @@Please see here.

This end pin is popular among professional player.
The sound of Brass is rich and deep.
The sound of Titanium is sharp andglittering.
This endpin is manufactured combined Brass and Titanium.
Inaddition to the abundance of sound, this has the power.

Junichi  Mitsuke

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Heikki Nikula (bs-cl)

Bass clarinet endpin


Company Name:

Mitsuke seiki kogyo corporation

Address of the Company: 1-13-7, Shigitahigashi, Joto-ku, Osaka

œCarbon (titanium@tip)@10.450yen
Sound with bright neutral tints.
and it is suitable for a traditional chamber music.
It obtains it for standing up that the sound is light. Because the
point is titanium, it has power.

œCarbon ( brass tip)
It is widely suitable for the
chamber music.

It is suitable also for any the orchestra and the chamber music.
It is suitable for music for wind instruments etc.

œBrass and titanium (titanium tip)
It brightly has the extension.
It is suitable also for the
performance of solo besides the chamber music.
It has powerful.

œBrass and Titanium (Brass tip)
It has the sound in the middle roundly. It is very good in all scenes such
as the orchestra besides the
performance of solo, music for wind instruments, and chamber musics
each other.

It is easy to apply the expression to the sound or more because the
sound is brought together easily.
Moreover, because the center is made from titanium, it has powerful.
The feeling of having firmly stopped the rush mat obtains powerful as
shown in the structure.

œ Brass 6.600yen
It has a dark sound.
It is widely suitable
for the performance of the orchestra, music for wind instruments, the
chamber music, and solo.

œBrass and tungsten
It very has the extension. Dark sound. Very good for the performance of the
orchestra, music for wind instruments, a
nd solo powerful is very good. A
profound sound is obtained even because of the lead of lightness.
The diameter of the end pin is 10mm
The part united to musical instruments is 7mm in the diameter.

Do you stand when playing a musical instrument?


œCarbon 22.000yen
œBrass and titanium
œ Brass
œBrass and tungsten

This other end pins are here.


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Endpin stopper for bass clarinet

Cello endpin



titanium and brass(with Bass tip)
7ƒΣ(Diameter.) 30cm @@13.200yen

titanium and brass (with Titanium tipj
7ƒΣ(Diameter.) 30cm @¨

Tungsten and brass
7ƒΣ 30cm @

7ƒΣ 30cm



The center is titanium.
The outside is brass. 

Brass and titanium

Powerful and brighter with rich sonority